14" Grabber/Reacher - $19.99
Short grabber for users needing extra arm legnth without bending and stretching.

24" Grabber/Reacher - $21.99
Long grabber for users who need extra arm legth without stretching or bending.

Bath Sponge - $7.99
Long handle sponge for people who have a limited range of motion.
Sizes: 26" long

Bio curve pens - $17.75
For users who have arthrits or joint problems. Pens are curved to cater patrons with these problems.
Sizes: one size Count: 3 per pack

Digital pill timer - $34.99
For users who need a reminder to take pills. Alarm sounds.

Dressing aid stick - $10.99
Makes dressing easier for persons with limited motion.

Magnifying Book Butler - $6.75
Full sheet magnifier to make for simplier reading for those with limited eye sight.
Sizes: 8"x11"

Molded sock aide - $21.50
Helps pull on sock without bending. Already molded to attached sock. Looped handles perfect for limited users.
Sizes: one size

Nebulizer - $105.50
For persons needing medicine for respiratory problems, such as asthma. Average treatment time 7-9 mins.
Sizes: Mini or Regular

Needle Threader - $8.99
Clamps quickly ont table top. Holds knitting needle firmly to allow one handed knitting.
Sizes: 2 1/4"

Scissor Reacher - $19.99
Helpful in reaching papers for users unable to bend down.
Sizes: 27" long