Bed Shampooer - $15.99
Inflatable sink helps provide the pleasure of a shampoo for people confined to the bed.
Sizes: 6" deep, 28" X 24"

Extra Large Convalescent Gown - $15.99
Polyester/Cotton blend. Velcro closure. Comes in blue.

Female Urinal - $10.99
Durable plastic urinal with a unique base designed especially for women.

Fracture Bed Pan - $10.99
Designed for immobile patients. Made of plastic.
Sizes: 12 1/2" X 9 1/4"

Male Urinal - $6.50
Disposable, large base urinals. Round handle to fit on any bed rails.
Sizes: Holds 1 qt.

Plastic Bed Pan - $10.99
High front wall to prevent urine spills.
Sizes: Front height: 4 3/8". Back 2 5/8".

Sitz Bath - $10.99
Comfort contoured is designed with front to back water flow.
Sizes: 2,000cc waterbag

Stainless Steel bed pan - $135.99
Seamless sanitary stainless steel. Made for easy handling and cleaning.
Sizes: 14"X 11 3/8""

Standard Convalescent gown - $15.99
Polyester/Cotton blend. Ties in back. Comes in blue.
Sizes: One size fit all

Youth Convalescent Gown - $15.99
Polyester/Cotton blend. Ties in the back. Comes in blue.
Sizes: Youth