Blood Glucose Monitor - $45.99
A portable battery operated, easy to use blood glucose monitor that accurately measures blood glucose levels.
Sizes: One size (Compact)

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor - $45.25
Accurately measures blood pressure and pulse rates. Large digital display. Compact monitor.
Sizes: Adult cuff

Littman Cardiology Stethescopes - $225.00
Excellent acoustic sensitivity. Two tubes in one design. Specially designed bell. Soft sealing eartips.
Sizes: 25" long

Littman Classic II Stethescope - $110.00
Durable, single lumen tubing. High acoustic sensitivity, and stainless steel chest piece. Lightweight and compact. Colors vary.
Sizes: 22" tube legnth

Littman light weight stethescope - $68.00
High acoustic sensitivity and high frequency response. Light weight comfort yet extremely durable. Colors vary.
Sizes: 28" Tubing legnth

Manual blood pressure monitor - $42.00
Aneroid sphygmomanometer. Compact design, comes in leatherette travel case. Adult cuff.
Sizes: Adult cuff.

Mecurial Sphygmomanometer - $98.25
Blood pressure monitor. Desk model mecury filled glass tubes. Metal scale. calibrated to 300mmHg.
Sizes: Adult cuff

Othalmoscope Set - $165.00
Complete with three aural and one nasal specula.
Sizes: One size

Otoscope Set - $125.00
Plastic otoscope head with swivel lens and three aural push fit spectula.
Sizes: One Size

Sprague rappaport stethescope - $27.99
Provides accoustical response for infants, children and adults. Chestpiece has small and large diaphragms. Color vary.
Sizes: 22" tube length